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Opening night


Audiences React to SKYLIGHT

Audiences share their thoughts and acclaim after seeing a performance of SKYLIGHT.

Full-length Interview with Larry Moss

An intimate interview with Larry Moss. Nicole Stamp sat down with Larry to discuss SKYLIGHT, his past work and the magic of theatre.

What is it about SKYLIGHT?

Larry Moss on his passion for the play.

Kyra and Tom

“David Hare caught a particular love affair that cannot be. They will carry it for the rest of their lives” — Larry Moss talks with Nicole Stamp about Kyra and Tom, SKYLIGHT’s two main characters.

SKYLIGHT Characters

“Tom you can never be happy, you’re too restless” — what is it about Tom that makes this true? What is it about Tom and Kyra’s relationship? Larry Moss continues talking SKYLIGHT characters with Nicole Stamp.


With reherasals well underway… here’s a clip from Larry Moss’ interview with Nicole Stamp about rehearsal and listening.

The relevance of SKYLIGHT

“It’s relevant because not everyone you love, you can live with” — What makes theatre relevant? What makes this play relevant? Who do you see in it? What can you get behind, understand, or can you see both Kyra and Tom’s points of view? Larry Moss on relevance.

SKYLIGHT is a must-see

Larry Moss’s take on why you (the audience) should be excited about SKYLIGHT.

Live Theatre

“I love the theatre because it’s live” — Listen to Larry Moss as he tells us about the magic of live theatre.